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Yunnan Crystal Energy Technology Co., Ltd (shortened form JN) is a high tech and new tech enterprises specialized in clean energy area research, development, design, production and application.JN is supplier of PV Grid-connected  Distributed/Centralized Power Generation System, Solar Pumping System, Solar Home System, Solar/Wind Complementary Lighting System, Solar Road/Forest Fire Prevention Monitor System.

At present, the company in the solar photovoltaic control system) system, such as solar application products has dozens of patents, "solar photovoltaic water pumping system" by ministry of science and technology included in the national science and technology huimin ChengGuoKu, controller by ministry of science and technology certificate of national torch plan, the company production of photovoltaic modules won the national gold sun certification, the company has a solar photovoltaic application industry engineering design, construction and maintenance, one class aptitude, high and new technology enterprise certificate, installation and maintenance of the solar water heater qualification, city and road lighting engineering contracting qualification, key new product certificate, safety production license, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

Company brings together a large number of new energy development and application field more than 15 years experience of outstanding talent; Through cooperation with both research institutes, in the field of new energy application, there are dozens of independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology; JN is a innovative company have the most growth momentum, a representative enterprise of the clean energy area in Yunnan province.

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